REAL EDH Fire Facts
El Dorado Hills, California Fire Department Facts

Guiding Principles

Maintenance of services and fiscal responsibility.

RE-ELECT John Hidahl and Jim Hartley to represent the citizens of El Dorado Hills on the Water-Fire Board of Directors.  We are asking for your vote so we can:

  1. Maintain Fiscal Responsibility.  The current Board of Directors (BoD) has maintained a balanced operational budget and grown healthy reserves.
    • The department currently has a reserve of over $21 million thanks to careful fiscal planning by the BoD including Directors Hidahl and Hartley. (review the budgets at
    • The Petersons have accused the current BoD of deficit spending to the tune of almost $5 million!  This so-called "deficit spending" is anything but.  The Petersons and their supporters have classified the use of capital reserve funds specifically created to replace aging engines and stations as "deficit" spending. 
    • Under the careful watch of Directors Hidahl and Hartley, the department has actually realized a budget surplus for two straight years.
    • Look closely at the departments the Petersons would like to see us emulate.  Most do not staff their apparatus adequately, are not equipped with paramedics, or have become "training ground" departments where employees leave after a year or two of experience for better paying jobs elsewhere.   
  2. Maintain Level of Service.  Currently, El Dorado Hills fire engines and trucks are equipped with a full advanced life support complement and experienced firefighter-paramedics that are trained to handle structure fires, wildland fires, vehicle fires, hazardous material spills, gas leaks, vehicle accidents, and the full gamut of medical and traumatic emergencies.
    • Directors Hidahl and Hartley have stated their commitment to maintaining this high level of service. 
    • The Petersons have publicly stated their intention to shut down paramedic-staffed fire engines and replace them with far less capable "quick response vehicles".
    • The current engine and personnel deployment model is one utilized by all surrounding agencies. 
    • Despite no knowledge or experience in fire, rescue, or emergency medical services, the Petersons are attempting to dictate what they feel is the best model of emergency service - despite the repeated objections and patient explanations of experienced firefighters and chief officers
  3. Work with the firefighters to reduce labor costs.  Directors Hidahl and Hartley were instrumental in working with the Firefighters to increase employee pension contributions and reduce educational incentives.  A comparison with surrounding agencies reveals that our firefighters earn similar wages and benefits.


    Concerned about the potential loss of fire protection?  Want to see the same level of excellent service continue?  Tired of politically-inspired manipulation of data?  Please vote for JOHN HIDAHL and JIM HARTLEY.  At the very least, consider attending a Board meeting.  Ask the Chief officers and your elected directors about the fiscal health of our department.  Ask your local firefighters what their jobs are like, and how they utilize their training, equipment, and experience to provide a level of service second to none!  This is your fire department - protect those that protect you.  


REAL EDH Fire Facts was created by El Dorado Hills citizens who are concerned that Sherry and Craig Peterson's plan to replace fire engines and experienced firefighter/paramedics will significantly reduce the current level of protection and service to our community. 

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